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Gallerie da Vinci, Original paint – Private Collection works of Art, authority and study from Leonardo da Vinci to Liberty Art.

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Fleur de lys, Lionardo Vinci

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The new Da Vinci galleries, private Collection is a painting studio, through his mind are revealed the riddles of Leonardo.
Innovative research systems based on the scientific method that involves continuous revisions, emphasizing the unique traits and magnitude of his thinking …
Perfection, light and life … First of all, considering Florence’s Lily Flower, it reflects the origins of the Da Vinci Gallery. From the studios of the Verrocchio workshop where Leonardo da Vinci posed for his master, to his artistic evolution. A self-portrait that is mirrored in the Mona Lisa. As the study of his image is study of his soul.


Leonardo da Vinci, Self-portrait

Da Vinci. First painting, 1476, oil and tempera, Work by Lionardo da Vinci, Self-portrait, the light of the face, Self portrait …

Leonardo da Vinci Valdarno landscape with bridge

Discovery work in the self-portrait Leonardo da Vinci, landscape painting of the Valdarno with bridge, devil’s claw, code of the Mona Lisa …

Da Vinci LIONARDO, Self-portrait, letter V of the signature

Letter V, handwriting da Vinci Lionardo and mona Lisa …

Leonardo da Vinci, preparatory study for the Last Supper

“The hand that appears out of nowhere” is the left hand of Judas alongside the face of Peter resting on John, while with the right hand he holds the bag with money … (ref. Jn 13,12-30).

Leonard de Vinci – Annunciazione 598

This is the first execution of the Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci, when he attended the master’s Florentine workshop in 1469 …

Leonardo’s Litta Madonna, legally authentic

The Virgin illuminated by divine light, Pictorial work of the universal genius da Vinci, a masterpiece of the Renaissance …

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